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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

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CNC turning

Precision turning machining and the importance of choosing the right partner. Turning is one of the main activities of Torneria Meccanica Srl which has been operating in the sector for over 50 years. Thanks to many years of experience, specialized operators and cutting-edge machinery make the company the ideal partner for demanding international customers. The machinery fleet currently boasts 35 lathe machining machines that make use of the extreme precision of computer numerical control (CNC) machining for the yield of mechanical components of the highest quality and reliability. Lathe machining is a machining process that uses numerically controlled machine tools to produce components and workpieces with extremely precise shapes and dimensions. CNC turning is one of the most common and versatile techniques in machining and is used to create a wide variety of components in diverse industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. In CNC turning, the work piece is fixed on a rotating spindle and rotated at high speed around its axis. A cutting tool, controlled by a numerical control system, is moved along the surface of the workpiece to remove material, and create the desired shape. The numerical control system allows the tool movements to be programmed and managed with great precision and speed, allowing the creation of components with very tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. The main benefits of CNC turning machining include:

  • Accuracy and repeatability: CNC machines guarantee high precision and constant repeatability of the components produced, respecting extremely tight tolerances.
  • Flexibility and versatility: CNC programming allows you to create a wide range of complex shapes and geometries, such as cylinders, cones, balls, and threads, quickly and easily.
  • Efficient manufacturing: CNC turning enables rapid and automated manufacturing, reducing machining time and improving overall process efficiency.
  • Reduction of errors: Automation and numerical control reduce the risk of human errors and guarantee a constant quality of the produced components.
  • Adaptability to different batch sizes: CNC machines can be easily programmed to handle both small and large productions, ensuring greater flexibility and adaptability to customer needs.
CNC lathe machining is an ideal solution for the production of high-quality mechanical components, with guaranteed precision and reliability. With Torneria Meccanica SRL the choice of the ideal partner is guaranteed and if you need more information contact us.

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