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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

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CNC milling

Precision milling: advanced CNC technologies for high quality mechanical components Our company carries out precision milling operations using the most innovative technologies and counting on over ten years of experience. In fact, we carry out milling with latest generation 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC palletized machining centers capable of guaranteeing the highest levels of precision and flexibility in the production of lots of different sizes for different sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, medicine and electronics, where precision and reliability of components are crucial. In precision milling, the workpiece is clamped to a workbench and fed under a cutter to remove material and create intricate shapes and geometric details. The cutter can be moved along several axes, allowing for the creation of a wide range of geometries and profiles. CNC precision milling is an evolution of traditional milling, in which the machine tools are controlled by a computerized numerical control system which allows the movements of the milling cutter to be programmed and managed with great precision and speed. This allows you to obtain components with very tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. Our machine park dedicated to milling processes boasts 6 high precision CNC machine tools, 4 of which are palletized. Furthermore, among the machines we use to perform milling operations in the best possible way, there is also a 3D CAD-CAM system that allows us to streamline timing. The main benefits of precision mechanical milling include:

  • Precision and repeatability: Precision milling, especially with the aid of CNC machines, guarantees high precision and constant repeatability of the components produced, respecting extremely tight tolerances.
  • Versatility: Precision milling allows you to create a wide variety of complex shapes and geometries that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other machining methods.
  • Efficient manufacturing: CNC milling enables rapid and automated manufacturing, reducing machining times and improving overall process efficiency.
  • Reduction of errors: Automation and numerical control reduce the risk of human errors and guarantee a constant quality of the produced components.
  • Adaptability to different batch sizes: CNC machines can be easily programmed for the management of both small and large productions, ensuring greater adaptability to customer needs.
In addition to milling in our headquarters we also perform: Reaming: a machining process used to improve the accuracy and surface finish of previously drilled holes, resulting in holes of precise size, shape, and geometry with very tight tolerances. Drilling: machining for the creation of holes with very precise dimensions, shapes, and geometries and with extremely tight tolerances. This technique is used in various sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, precision mechanics and electronics, where the quality and reliability of the components are crucial. For precision milling and other types of mechanical machining, contact Torneria Meccanica srl ​​which has been operating in the sector for over 50 years and is the perfect partner for making high-quality mechanical components with complex shapes, offering guaranteed precision and reliability.

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